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Once you have reached the decision to seek out a divorce lawyer in Louisville KY, you have reached a very serious point in your life and relationship where you need the power of a divorce lawyer to assess your long-term objectives and escort you through to the results you envision. We assume this is a very difficult time in your life. You are making the right choice to seek legal advice if you have found yourself thinking you need to contact a divorce lawyer in Louisville KY.

Throughout this site you will find valuable information pertaining to Kentucky divorce law and what you can expect from a divorce lawyer in Louisville KY. Whether you anticipate an uncontested divorce or a contested divorce, you will find resources that will aid you in navigating through the predominant issues surrounding a divorce in Kentucky.

Our law firm represents clients seeking a divorce lawyer in Louisville KY for cases within Jefferson and surrounding counties. As a client, you will find developed systems and procedures focused on helping people who:

  • need to avert a major family or financial catastrophe;
  • seek family and divorce law planning with long-term positive results in mind;
  • want their divorce and family law issues to be aggressively represented by a Louisville divorce lawyer.

Divorce Lawyer in Louisville KY

Todd C. Veach, Attorney & Founder of Veach Law, provides skilled and aggressive representation in divorce and family law matters. Mr. Veach couples a common sense approach with the requisite legal knowledge to competently serve his clients. Through rigorous academic training and representation of clients involving a diverse set of Kentucky divorce law issues, Mr. Veach has the kind of practical real world experience necessary to quickly identify the major issues and develop a plan to best achieve his client’s goals.

You can take pride in supporting and be comforted in the knowledge that Veach Law is a Veteran Owned business. Prior to becoming an attorney, Mr. Veach served as an officer in the US Army where he was accustom to helping and supporting families dealing with the many adversities inherent in military service. Throughout his military career, he managed operations within the field of Army Aviation. He achieved the rank of Captain and served as a Commander and Pilot In Command of a UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter MEDEVAC unit. His duties required a keen ability to rapidly assess, communicate, and react in an unforgiving combat environment.


Frank Ewart Spencer, 1922-1993, attorney-at-law, Indianapolis, Indiana: A brief account of his life
Book (A.Spencer)

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I glad to be of help.. its fairly rare to see a father yourself.. I am merely passing on the info that my attorney told me to do.
The log is very father you shuld be concerned where your child is at all times.
i am checking on the attorney info.. my attorney in louisville Ky - his firm was part of a national group of attorneys that practice family law. Maybe one in your city.
anyway shoot me an email so we can dump this post..

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