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Divorce on a Budget | Divorce Attorney Seattle  May 25, 2015 – 03:05 am
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I feel like I can't afford an attorney. Can't I do some of this myself?

Don't be penny-wise and pound-foolish when it comes to your divorce. Take a minute and Google online divorce services. Lots of hits, aren't there? How do you know who is on the other end of an online divorce outfit? You don't. Most fair-minded lawyers will offer to meet with you on an hourly basis without requiring a full retainer. This is called unbundled services.

Lawyers bill by the hour. The more senior lawyers bill at a higher rate than the junior lawyers. You can see how finding a firm with a variety of lawyers with different billing rates can be a good value. One good solution to saving on fees in a divorce is to find a junior lawyer with access to a more experienced lawyer in case an unusual issue comes up in your case. A junior lawyer and a senior paralegal is also a good combo to save you money. When you are looking for a low-budget alternative, be sure to ask the lawyer you are thinking of retaining how closely he or she works with other members of his or her legal team. If you are using a junior lawyer, be sure he has plenty of opportunity to discuss your case with a senior lawyer so you have the benefit of experience without having to pay the higher fees to process your entire case.

Other Things to Consider With a Low-Budget Divorce

  • Before you come to meet with a lawyer, be sure to get his or her e-mail (or better yet, the e-mail for the paralegal). That way you can e-mail him or her and ask what you should bring so that you are fully prepared for your meeting.
  • Be sure you have your bank statements, your credit card statements, and any other financial documents that pertain to your assets. If you own a home, get a recent mortgage statement and your house so you have a ballpark idea of its value.
  • If you have children, give some thought to the kind of child custody plan you believe would be fair. Ask for a sample parenting plan before you come for your meeting so you are familiar with what is required.
  • After your meeting, your lawyer will likely give you some homework to do. You can certainly save money doing your own leg work and providing the information to your lawyer. But remember, lawyers and staff bill hourly, so save all of your questions for one e-mail or phone call rather than shooting off e-mails as things pop into your head.

You would be surprised how much money you can save in legal fees while still getting excellent legal advice if you manage your case effectively, and are willing to do lots of the leg work yourself.

Contact Our Seattle Divorce Lawyers

At the DuBois Cary Law Group, we have lawyers with experience ranging from 24 years to five years, In our office, we work closely together so that the more junior lawyers have the advantage of "picking the brain" of a senior lawyer. So, you can have a junior lawyer handle the vast majority of your case, which saves you money.

If you have questions, please contact attorney Amanda DuBois or a member of our legal team. Our waterfront office is located on the north end of Lake Union in Seattle, Washington.


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That house you own, the cash in your accounts?

She will be able to obtain portions of both, through a divorce, if no prenup exists. I know of 2-3 excellent Family Law Attorneys in the Seattle area, if you need a recommendation, drop me a line. I hired one of them to help one of my older brothers get out of his situation. He makes an exceptional income in the area, had a problem wife and children (bi-polar woman, other problems, fiscally irresponsible...) and it was resolved. Please, do not marry this woman without a prenup and without spending some money on joint and separate counseling. You are being smart. Most people marry with less consideration and thought than they would give to purchasing groceries

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