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Suffolk County Family Lawyer

Suffolk County Family Lawyer A Suffolk County Family Lawyer from Stephen Bilkis & Associates has written this introduction to both Family Law and the Suffolk County Family Courts system for you. We will discuss the different sorts of cases heard by the Suffolk County Family Court, the professionals who manage the Suffolk Family Court, as well as the location of the key offices inside the Suffolk County Family Courthouse. There is no doubt that having any Suffolk County Family Lawyer from our office on your side—one who is familiar with how the Court works and how the Law works—will help you navigate the difficult process of a Family Law case. Moreover, if you still have questions at the conclusion of this article we offer a free consultation.

Suffolk Family Court deals with cases involving issues of Child Custody and Child Visitation (visitation issues sometimes involve family members other than parents, possibly grandparents rights), Establishing Paternity, Guardianship, issues of Spouse and Child Support, Order of Protection, cases involving Abuse and Neglect, as well as juvenile criminal issues (for those under 16 years old). Basically, Family Law covers all the issues that can potentially come from your various family relationships and close personal relationships. The one family issue not covered by the Court is Divorce. To obtain a Divorce in Suffolk County, the case needs to be handled in Suffolk County Supreme Court by a Suffolk County Divorce Lawyer.

Suffolk County Family Court is located in Central Islip, New York, and maintains a facility in 889 Main Street Riverhead, New York Street. Case assignment is dependent upon the geographical location of the parties. The street address in Islip is 400 Carleton Avenue, Central Islip, NY 11722.

In Suffolk County, there are various Court officials who might preside over your Family Law matter. These individuals include Judges and Support Magistrates, as well as Referees and sometimes Judicial Hearing Officers (JHOs). A Judge is an attorney, as are the Support Magistrates and the Court Attorney, along with the Referees and also the Judicial Hearing Officers. A Support Magistrate typically hears child support cases, while a Judge, Referee or a Judicial Hearing Officer (JHO) will hear a Custody case or a Visitation case. Judges hear cases where Orders of Protection, issues of Abuse, or Neglect is involved, as well as any case potentially involving incarceration.


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It is. It had to do with divorce

The reason my diabolically x-wife filed a false rape charge was to steal everything without going through a divorce like normal people do. She is not alone. Other women succeeded with the help of Suffolk County. There are many innocent men with convictions that they were forced to take by the DA's office just to get out of jail for something they didn't do. I wasn't stupid enough to play that game. I would have sat in jail until my trial. Then sued the shit out of Suffolk County for millions. They knew what they had and dropped the charge. I would have demanded a trial after what they put me through but I had a child that was suffering and needed me

Please please please help me?

Please please I need some real help here,I just filed for a divorce today and my husband told me that all I had to do was write a letter that said we wanted to claim nothing from one another(notorized). Apparently that is not ok, so I need to write up a very simple "agreement for joint petition for divorce" that's what it's called. I don't want to go to a lawyer, as I have no money. We don't have children or property or health insurance. We literally want nothing but a divorce form each other. Could someone help me draft a simple "separation agreement" I would be willing to pay a little, if need be, please please let me know if you can help

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