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Denton County is one of the fastest growing counties in the United States with its population growing over 40% from 2000 to 2007. In addition, Denton County has a great education system that produces many stellar students who go on to colleges across the nation.

Denton County TX Lawyers

Denton County is home to a number of very talented Denton County lawyers who are available to represent you in your lawsuit. These legal professionals are versed in many areas of law including personal injury, divorce, bankruptcy, DUI, traffic tickets, estate planning, real estate, rental agreements, and more.

The Texas Motor Speedway has filed a lawsuit against Championship Auto Racing Teams (CART) in a Denton County District Court seeking the return of the $2.1 million purse it paid to CART because CART decided to cancel the race two hours before it was set to begin. CART contends that it is entitled to the money because it was set to run the race, but canceled it due to concerns for driver safety. The brief filed with the Denton County Court argues on behalf of Texas Motor Speedway that they are entitled to a return of the purse money as well as damages resulting from their advertisement and promotion of the canceled race.

Denton County is served by six different district courts – the 158th, the 16th, the 211th, the 362nd, the 367th, and the 393rd. If you are involved in a legal action in this county, you may have to report to any of these courts, each of which has different judges with their own personalities. Having a lawyer representing you who knows the judges' prior rulings can help your case out.

If you would like to find a local Denton County lawyer, is here to help. LegalMatch is dedicated to matching you with the right legal representative for your case. Also, because we are not a referral service, we can provide you with information such as attorney profiles and past client reviews so you can make an informed decision about which attorney you want to hire.

To find out more about the legal scene in Denton County, please take a look at the following links:

· Texas Courts Online

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Family law referral needed

Does anyone in Sacramento know of a free/cheap Family law attorney? I'd prefer something pro bono, if not very inexpensive. I'm kind of strapped for cash at the moment.
Is that a dirty word for lawyers lol, or is there such a Place to help someone who doesn't know where to look?
I would truly appreciate any words of wisdom. I've tried
the Sac County Bar Assoc but they do not provide pro bono referrals and they charge 30.00 for other referrals.
Thanks to anyone who can tell me or suggest a way to get assistance.
I am in the middle of a custody dispute.
Thanks in advance

There is really

No such thing as a cheap family law attorney. However, there are other alternatives that you can think about pursuing.
For one, you can do the paperwork yourself. You can find a notice of motion online at - go to the self help part and follow instructions.
Furthermore, your court website may be able to help you with forms as well.
Third, you may wish to hire a paralegal to assist you. Someone that has EXPERIENCE in family law that has been doing it for more than 2 years. They can assist you with paperwork and get everything in order for you - just can't represent you in court

Finding a lawyer.

He's going to be looking a family lawyer to handle the stuff with the child. he may also want to find a criminal defense lawyer with background in sex offender registration to discuss how that's going to affect his life.
As for finding a lawyer, it may be tough for you to do that for him. Most will probably be uncomfortable discussing his case with a third party. It may need to be something he does on his own once he's released. He should call the county bar association and ask for a referral to a family law attorney. An initial consultation will be pretty cheap. he can repeat the process several times until he finds an attorney he likes and is comfortable with.

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