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Baker & Slider, LLC

The heart and soul of any law firm rests with its attorneys. At Baker & Slider, LLC, we not only dedicate our time and energy to helping clients solve legal problems, but we also work to shape the future of our community.

John Hollis Baker handles cases involving real estate, business disputes, serious injuries and federal criminal defense. Formerly appointed as the prosecutor of misdemeanors in Oglethorpe County in the probate court, he has served as both prosecutor and defense lawyer.

Attorney Baker represented his district in the State Bar of Georgia as the representative in the Young Lawyers Division and was a founding graduate of the State Bar of Georgia Leadership Academy. He is a member of the Oconee County Area Chamber of Commerce.

Jason Slider worked as the staff attorney for the State Court of Athens-Clarke County and as a prosecutor with the Athens-Clarke County Office of the Solicitor General. Further, he serves as judge pro hac vice in the Athens-Clarke County Municipal Court.

Attorney Slider has been active in the Athens and University of Georgia community, most notably by acting as the past head coach of the University of Georgia men's lacrosse team and providing pro bono legal services through The Light, an Athens based Christian ministry.

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I am recovering from an ugly divorce that has left me in serious financial straights. I have been left with high credit card debt, bad credit, and no housing. I am also paying an extremely high child support payment that insures that I cannot pay my bills each month. I have met with a lawyer (two actually) and have determined that I should be filing for bankruptcy however I need a minimum of $2grand to retain services. I work full time, irregular hours and make a salary of roughly $35g per year, before child support/taxes et all. This puts me in an income too high to obtain free or reduced cost legal services from area lawyers however I don't make enough to cover my bills let alone an attorney

This whole thing

Reminds me soooo much of my parents divorce. The only difference was that
during the divorce I was 20 and my sister was 22.
My dad decided to quit his engeneering job in PA to relocate to Fort Myers, FL. Since then, he has not been able to pay my mom her alimony. She works full time making a decent salary and now has her own apartment.
My moms lawyers went haywire on the fact that my dad VOLUNTEERLY quit his job in PA to move to FL. After he moved to FL, he cried the same "oh I cant find a job here..." while he was living in my deceased uncles house free and clear

This could so totally be BLP

Bizarre divorce saga: A man, a woman and missing millions
MEDIA, Pa. -- The inmate to his lawyer: "Do you have any news for me?"
Four thousand ninety-three days have passed. The answer never changes.
Not the news H. Beatty Chadwick wants, anyway. For 11 years now he has sat, worked, read, written, then sat some more in a county jail in tranquil Delaware County, outside Philadelphia.
The place is a lockup in the old-fashioned sense: Holding cells, essentially, not much light. It's meant for run-of-the-mill crooks, many just passing through on the way to comparatively luxurious state prisons

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