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Pro bono publico (English: for the public good; usually shortened to pro bono) is a Latin phrase for professional work undertaken voluntarily and without payment or at a reduced fee as a public service. Pro bono service, unlike traditional volunteerism, uses the specific skills of legal professionals to provide services to those who are unable to afford them.

If you wish to perform Pro Bono work for the Northern District of New York please review our Local Rule 83.3.

Pro Bono Application

Pro Bono CLE Credit

In order to receive Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits as a Pro Bono Attorney within the United States District Court - Northern District of New York, attorneys must comply with the New York State Unified Court System Continuing Legal Education requirements. Attorneys will receive credit for Pro Bono service within the NDNY in accordance with the New York State CLE Board Regulations and Guideline Section 3(D)(11).

Please visit the Pro Bono requirements and program rules.

Credit may be earned for performing eligible pro bono legal services for clients unable to afford counsel pursuant to assignment by a court or participation in a Pro Bono CLE program sponsored by an Approved Pro Bono CLE Provider. Any attorney who performs eligible pro bono legal services pursuant to assignment by a court is required to have a copy of the court order assigning the attorney to the pro bono activity. Please see Section 3(D)(11)(e)(I) of the CLE Board Regulations and Guidelines.

  • The Continuing Legal Education page will be displayed

For additional Pro Bono Information:

A list of various topics are:

  • FAQs for Pro Bono Providers
  • Approved CLE Providers
  • Provider Reports
  • Regulations and Guidelines Section 3(D)(11)
  • Calculating Pro Bono CLE Credit


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Help: ISO divorce attorney

Good evneing. I am a college student looking for a lawyer in New York City (any borough is fine though) to help me file my divorce. I am a student so if anyone can refer me to a pro bono attorney, i will be much appreciative. I learned recently that my wife married me under false pretenses in order to obtain US residence and eventually
citizenship. So yeah, i am peeved. Unfortunately, I cannot afford a lawayer. So please CL community, HELP ME OUT! Thank you. :)

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