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Illinois Legal Aid Online (ILAO) puts the law within reach for all, regardless of income or location. As the statewide legal services technology center, ILAO streamlines the delivery of free and pro bono legal services to lower-income Illinois residents, and delivers easy-to-understand legal information and assistance to those who can't afford a lawyer.

ILAO's mission is:to increase access to justice for lower-income and vulnerable Illinois residents through the innovative use of technology to assist and educate the public and to train and support legal aid providers and pro bono attorneys.

Illinois Legal Aid Online's programs provide essential legal services and support 24/7 to legal aid and pro bono attorneys, pro se litigants and lower-income individuals and families through its four websites and two mobile apps:


Staff lists are only available to legal aid advocates.


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Pro Bono attorneys are hard to find. Try this.

Some attorneys take pro bono cases here and there when the circumstances warrant it. For instance, I recently had a case where the mother and child were visiting the biological father from Texas, the father filed for an order of protection and in essence used the Illinois courts to kidnap the child from the mother. The mother did not have any money to get home to Texas (was told the father would take care of her while in Illinois and would purchase her a bus ticket to return to Texas), didn't want to leave her child in Illinois, didn't have resources to support herself in Chicago, and had an immediate family that made less than $15k per year and could not help her

You can restrict visitation w/ OP's in Illinois

Yes you can suspend/restict visitation w/ an OP in Illinois. Happens all the time.
Now comes the bad part - there really isn't any "Pro Bono" help in family law outside of uncontested divorces. Why? Because no one wants to work 80-120 hours for free. Nor do we enjoy the 2am calls on a Sunday night, again for free. Lastly, clients don't respect the time/effort of free attorneys - for example, they turn down good settlements because their trial is free. Having no skin in the game creates those types of problems.
Be realistic. If your daughter means enough to you, you'll get the money

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