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Unhappy couples rushing to divorce lawyers ahead of legal aid cuts  June 16, 2013 – 06:32 am
Unhappy couples rushing to divorce lawyers ahead of legal aid cuts

From next Monday the Law Society estimates 650, 000 cases will no longer qualify for financial help, stopping many from getting advice and representation.

It is thought 200, 000 people filing for divorce will be affected when the cut-off point for the top amount of money they earn combined with the equity they have, is lowered.

People earning over £14, 000 will now need to take a much more in-depth means test before they can be granted legal aid.

Liz Bruce, a family lawyer for Bristol-based firm Lyons Davidson, said the impending cuts had already had a huge impact on firms, with many reaching case load capacity.

She said: “I know that firms have had a real rush in the last couple of months. People are suddenly realising they need to get in there before legal aid ends.

“I know a lot of firms don’t have room for any more clients now because they have had so many. Cutting the funding is a massive change. It is preventing a really big pool of people from getting access to solicitors for what is already a traumatic event in the first place.

“They need lawyers to give them guidance and to not have that during the event is absolutely awful. It will have a massive effect on the legal system too.

“The current system will find itself overwhelmed by people trying to take cases to court themselves, it will affect the solicitors, parties and the court system.”

At least 70 per cent of family cases, including divorce, custody issues and financial disputes, will no longer be applicable for legal aid after the cuts once put in place.

Couples on low incomes, benefits or with major differences or disagreements regarding children used to qualify for the broad funding scheme in an attempt to provide them with the help and guidance needed.

However now only those who can prove they are victims of domestic violence will qualify outright.

Marc Lopatin, founder of Lawyers Supporting Mediation, a family mediation service made up of a network of senior family lawyers, said he has also seen a dramatic rise in the number of cases the last few weeks: “There is a sense of panic, with lots of people running to lodge the paperwork for legal aid before the change goes into force, ” he said.

“There’s a stark situation right now for people wanting to divorce - the reality has sunk in and they’ve realised it’s the eleventh hour and they’re trying their best to get help while it’s still available.”


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Where Good Divorce Lawyers for low income?DE

Please help. I can’t be the first person in this situation. I have limited financial resources and in need of legal advice about a Divorce. In DE, is it at all Realistic for a person with limited income, to deserve or expect to find a Good Lawyer 1) Lawyer in NCC, Member of Bar, Licensed to Practice, References, In good standing , etc. (I’m desperate not stupid) 2) Extremely precise, efficient, Able to Identify and Organize supporting Docs so every minuscule point can be defended and proved to opposition and judge. 2) Scrupulously determine Financial need re Alimony and Child Support 3) Fulfills Client Manual through all actions and services

Lawyers won't do divorce work pro bono

If you are in an abusive situation you could contact the DV agency in your county and get help. It may be that you would qualify for legal aid if you are poor.
If there are no childen and if there is agreement over division of property you could do it yourself. Google divorce in your county.
Doing it yourself will take a bit of work but will save you money.
Lawyers don't work for free any more than mechanics or doctors.

Addendum=lawyer costs and childcare expenses

Another thing... A lot of people keep telling me to get a lawyer, but here's the thing: I barely make rent right now. I've lost daycare kids to preschool, and until I get more kids in care (hopefully), all I have in savings (which was supposed to be for a car, since he's getting ours in the divorce) is the money for his plane ticket if coming along will solve the problem. So wh...n only, no lawyers, then he went behind my back and got one), and in the petition I just read that he is asking to split those attorney fees too!!

And finally, what's the law regarding childcare expenses when one of the parents is a daycare provider? Let me explain: I guess we are filing for joint legal custody and I get physical custody at like 51%, 49% for him

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