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Nashville Divorce Lawyers For Men  April 18, 2015 – 12:44 am
Nashville Divorce Lawyers - Family Law, Child Custody, Child

If you are facing a divorce, even possibly one you do not want, Cordell & Cordell’s Nashville divorce lawyers are here to help you sort through the legal process, establish divorce and custody goals and be a partner you can count on.

Cordell & Cordell’s Nashville divorce lawyers have a comprehensive understanding of Tennessee divorce law. Our attorneys focus entirely on men’s divorce issues, including Tennessee child custody laws, Tennessee alimony laws, and child support in Tennessee.

When you retain a Cordell & Cordell Nashville divorce lawyers, we will work with you by providing top-notch client care, up-to-date notes on your case, an online child custody tool, and the best service possible.

To schedule an appointment, please call 615-457-8700 or 1.866.DADS.LAW.

Please note: The Nashville office has moved effective June 1. All appointments after June 1 will take place at Fifth Third Center, 424 Church St., 20th Floor, Nashville, TN, 37219.

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Do child support in Family Court which is free. Custody is not not an issue since the children are over 18. However CS generally goes to age 21. If they are in agreement they can advise the Support Magistrate that they are in agreement and the magistrate will draw up the order. That order will be followed by Supreme Court in the divorce. NY has a wonderful Free package on line for divorces. If they are really broke and cannot afford lawyers NYC and the surrounding counties have a whole bunch of law schools (NYU, Pace, NY Law, Brooklyn Law, Columbia, Hofstra Touro CUNY-just to name a few)They

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