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If either you and/or your spouse are on active military duty and thinking about filing for divorce, contact the Ted Smith Law Group, PLLC today. Our experienced divorce attorneys can represent you in your military divorce case. We can answer your questions about whether you can file your case in a Texas court, how your military status will impact child custody, how much child support you are likely to have to pay, and how the divorce may impact your retirement. You don’t have to go through a military divorce without representation. Let us be your advocate and fight for your interests. Contact our Military Divorce Lawyers today at 254-690-5688. We are prepared to advise and represent military personnel and their spouses who have been stationed at Fort Hood, Randolph Air Force Base, Fort Sam Houston, Brooke Army Medical Center or any other installation in Texas. We also help soldiers who are currently deployed, are currently on Temporary Duty (TDY) in another state, and those who underwent a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) to another state, but want to file for divorce in Texas.

Deployed or Stationed Outside Texas

Ted Smith Law Group, PLLC has handled numerous divorce cases where our clients are deployed overseas or stationed outside the State of Texas. Please contact the Ted Smith Law Group, PLLC today to schedule your FREE military divorce consultation. Consultations via phone, Skype, and live chat are available. Call 254-690-5688 to speak to our Military Divorce Attorneys.

Service Members Civil Relief Act

If you are serving in the military and you are served with divorce papers, child support papers, or any other court papers, the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act may impact your case. Call the military divorce attorneys at Ted Smith Law Group, PLLC today to schedule your free consultation.

Custody and the Military

Will I be able to get full custody of my child if I am in the armed services?

It depends. There are two ways for the custody of a child to be determined. You and your spouse can agree as to who will have primary custody of the child or the judge can make that decision. Consult with an attorney at Ted Smith Law Group today to discuss how being in the armed services may impact custody of your children.

Jurisdiction and Military Home of Record

General rule: Before you can file for divorce in Texas, you must be a resident of Texas for 6 months and a resident of the county you want to file in for 3 months. If you are military or married to someone in the military, contact the military attorneys at Ted Smith Law Group today to find out how your military status and your military Home of Record may impact jurisdiction.

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Attorneys Question If TX, Federal Law at odds

Attorneys Question Whether Texas, Federal Law at Odds
By Kelley Shannon
Associated Press Writer
AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - The federal law President Bush signed to prolong Terri Schiavo's life in Florida appears to conflict with a Texas law he signed as governor, attorneys familiar with the legislation said Monday.
The 1999 Advance Directives Act in Texas allows for a patient's surrogate to make end-of-life decisions and spells out how to proceed if a hospital or other health provider disagrees with a decision to maintain or halt life-sustaining treatment.
If a doctor refuses to honor a decision, the case goes before a medical committee

Are you in Texas?

Since you are posted on the Austin discussion group, I will give you some specific info. If you are elsewhere, there may be similar programs where you are.
In Austin, the law library on the first floor of the courthouse has an assisted pro se (do it yourself) package of information and forms which shows you all documents needed. However, if he is going to hire an attorney, I would not go that route. You will likely get taken advantage of if you do not have your own attorney. The Lawyer Referral Service (in phone book) has a program called MATCH, where lawyers agree to take some lower income cases for $60

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