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San Antonio Divorce Lawyer - Local Attorneys & Law Firms in San Antonio, TX  September 5, 2013 – 01:44 pm
San Antonio Female Family Law Divorce Attorney Elizabeth McLaughlin

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Can't believe you'd get legal

I can't believe that anyone would go on an ANONYMOUS chatroom for legal advice.
First of all, I have been reading some of the replies to questions and, uh, BIG SURPRISE, NOT written by lawyers. More likely, they are written by cocky law students, self-important paralegals, or maybe, just maybe, people with no legal experience at all.
Second, no lawyer who likes their license would give free legal advice on a website.
Third, and finally, there are plenty of resources in and around Philadelphia for people with landlord/tenant, divorce and custody, and criminal issues who have NO money

This could so totally be BLP

Bizarre divorce saga: A man, a woman and missing millions
MEDIA, Pa. -- The inmate to his lawyer: "Do you have any news for me?"
Four thousand ninety-three days have passed. The answer never changes.
Not the news H. Beatty Chadwick wants, anyway. For 11 years now he has sat, worked, read, written, then sat some more in a county jail in tranquil Delaware County, outside Philadelphia.
The place is a lockup in the old-fashioned sense: Holding cells, essentially, not much light. It's meant for run-of-the-mill crooks, many just passing through on the way to comparatively luxurious state prisons

San Antonio Divorce Lawyer
San Antonio Divorce Lawyer
San Antonio Divorce Attorney
San Antonio Divorce Attorney
San Antonio Lawyers - San Antonio …
San Antonio Lawyers - San Antonio …

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