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San Antonio TX Divorce Attorney | Divorce Attorney San Antonio Texas  May 29, 2015 – 03:22 am
Divorce lawyers in San Antonio

Are you in need of a San Antonio, TX divorce attorney? You have come to the right place. In order to most efficiently serve your needs and protect your interests, as well as arrive at a fair and just agreement, you require a lawyer who will work tirelessly for you and stand by you from start to finish. The Law Office of Matt Sossi is prepared to shepherd you through this difficult time and ensure that the divorce process goes smoothly despite the complex mix of emotions and responsibilities.

Since 1992, Matt Sossi has rapidly become a preferred lawyer for matrimonial and family law cases, and has served a wide range of clients. He can assist you with preparing and filing for divorce, coming to terms with receiving a petition and planning next steps, managing heated negotiations with a clear perspective, or even going to trial. When it comes to high net worth divorces, no other divorce attorney San Antonio Texas can provide the quality of advice and guidance that will take a highly complex financial situation and help come up with an equitable agreement.

Uncontested Divorce Attorney in San Antonio

Having an experienced uncontested divorce attorney in San Antonio on your side will help you come to a conclusion quickly. Even when both parties agree to a divorce, there are numerous points of contention that may arise throughout negotiations, and a lawyer will make sure that the process does not get derailed. When everything from child custody to alimony and relocation are involved, it can be difficult to see beyond the present and make the best long-term decisions. Your lawyer will ensure that you get there.

To find out more about what a San Antonio, TX divorce attorney can do for you, connect with Matt Sossi today.

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Legal Question----any Texas lawyers online??

This is a case in Texas--Jefferson County. My x took me back for a modification of original divorce decree and I agreed and we settled outside of courtroom. Short time later she took me back saying she didn't understand what she was signing?? Anyways the judge let the modification stay as it was and would not change it. Now she is taking me back again to change it. Someone told me you have to wait at least 3 years before you can file a motion to modify after one has already taken place. Can someone clarify? Thanks

Better for what?

Where have you lived during your 11 year marriage? Marital property rights will depend largely on that. Iowa is not a community property state, Texas is. As far as child support, you could probably find each state's child support schedules online, which should tell you what the "norm" is for each of those states; same comment regarding alimony.
I doubt you'll find a boat load of lawyers that know both Iowa and Texas divorce law that can give you very specific answers.
I know of no enforcible "stay away" provision regarding the will.

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