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A Long Island Family Lawyer from the offices of Stephen Bilkis & Associates created this overview of Family Law and the Long Island Family Court system. In this overview, you will find information about the various types of cases generally heard by the Long Island Family Court, as well as variety of people in roles responsible for overseeing the Court. Additionally, we provide details about the location and address for the Long Island Family Courthouse. As you are probably aware, having a Long Island Family Lawyer on your side, one who understands how the Court and the Law work and will serve as an invaluable advisor and advocate for you. That is why after you have concluded reading our introduction, if you have additional questions, the Firm offers a free consultation with a Long Island Family Lawyer from our office. There are three Family Courts on Long Island. Two are located in Suffolk County, 400 Carleton Avenue, Central Islip, NY main phone number 631 853 4097 and the second, 889 East Main Street, Riverhead, NY- phone number 631 852 3917. Nassau County has one Family Court and it is located a 1200 Old Country Road Westbury, NY. The Court’s Main number is 516 571 9033.

The area of Family Law is one that handles any issue arising related to the relationships in your family and those who have shared intimate and close personal relationships. The Family Courts in Long Island hear cases that involve Child Visitation and Child Custody. There area several types of Custody Residential Custody, Joint Custody, and Full Custody. Visitation cases can also cover a wide variety of people in addition to parental and can include other family members such as grandparents. Moreover, the Family Court handles Abuse and neglect cases, Guardianship, Paternity cases, Order of protection cases, Spousal Support, Child Support including increases, decreases and emancipation of a child cases and criminal cases that involve children under 16. Divorce is the sole Family case that this court does not have the legal authority to handle. Divorce cases on Long Island, are handled in the Matrimonial part of the Supreme Court. If you have questions with regard to these various areas of Family Law call a Long Island Family lawyer from our office and take advantage of a free consultation. Our phone number is 1800 NY-NY-LAW

On Long Island, a variety of professionals are in roles responsible for presiding over any Family Law cases. The Family Court Official you might encounter include: 1) Support Magistrate 2) Judge, 3) JHO’s Judicial Hearing Officer and 4) Referees. Each Court Official is a lawyer and has a background in Family Law before they were sworn to work in the Family Court.

Each Court official is assigned to handle specific cases.

• Child support matters: Support Magistrate • Custody and Visitation matters: Judges, Referees, Judicial Hearing Officers (JHO’s) • Family Offense Petitions (Order of Protection); Contempt and Abuse and Neglect matters: Judges • Any case that may involve an individual facing incarceration: Judges


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