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Wichita is the most populous city in Kansas, with an estimated 361, 420 residents. Wichita is the county seat of Sedgwick County and is located in south central Kansas, on the Arkansas River. Wichita boasts a vibrant downtown, complete with shopping, restaurants, nightclubs, museums, and parks. Wichita is also home to several universities, including Wichita State University.

Wichita’s economy grew up around the aircraft industry, and is currently headquarters to many aircraft corporations, including Cessnam, Learjet, Spirit, and Hawker Beechcraft. Wichita’s economy is just one of the many reasons that Money magazine recently listed Wichita as one of the 10 best big cities in which to live. Moreover, in 2008, MSN Real Estate ranked Wichita as the best affordable city in which to live.

Wichita’s court system is also growing. Sedgwick County recently made plans to expand its court facilities to accommodate two new judges who will sit in the family law and the juvenile departments, the two areas with the largest case loads. Included in the building plans is the construction of jury boxes in the juvenile courtroom, which the Kansas Supreme Court recently decided were mandatory. The renovations are expected to be completed by 2010.

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Divorce Attorneys in Wichita KS
Divorce Attorneys in Wichita KS
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Do child support in Family Court which is free. Custody is not not an issue since the children are over 18. However CS generally goes to age 21. If they are in agreement they can advise the Support Magistrate that they are in agreement and the magistrate will draw up the order. That order will be followed by Supreme Court in the divorce. NY has a wonderful Free package on line for divorces. If they are really broke and cannot afford lawyers NYC and the surrounding counties have a whole bunch of law schools (NYU, Pace, NY Law, Brooklyn Law, Columbia, Hofstra Touro CUNY-just to name a few)They

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