Divorce Lawyers in Nassau County

Nassau County Divorce Lawyers & Attorneys  September 17, 2013 – 06:55 am
Divorce Lawyers in Long Island, NY | Nassau County & Suffolk

Divorce can be a painful process, both emotionally and financially. While going through a divorce, it is not uncommon to experience frustration, sadness, a profound sense of loss, and depression. Some individuals may even feel that their life will never be the same again. The experienced Nassau County divorce lawyers at The Kepanis Law Firm understand all the negative emotions that a divorce can bring to the forefront. Should you need the services of a Nassau County divorce lawyer, choosing Attorney Douglas Kepanis and his staff is the best move you can make to ensure a bright future after your divorce.

Divorce Lawyers in Nassau County Providing First Class Service for First Class Clients

Whether you are involved in contested or uncontested divorce proceedings, you need proper legal representation to ensure your rights are fully protected regarding critical areas, such as your finances and access to your children. The aggressive representation afforded to you by The Kepanis Law Firm begins with your initial consultation and continues through Judgment. Every detail of your case will receive the attention it deserves, and no stone will be left unturned in the pursuit of justice.

The Best Nassau County Divorce Attorney for High Net Worth Individuals

If you are a high net worth individual, you understand the hard work and sacrifice it took to reach your station in life. The last thing you need is to lose much of what you have worked so hard to attain due to a divorce. The Kepanis Law Firm consists of divorce lawyers in Nassau County with extensive experience in handling high net worth divorce cases. They will provide you with your best chance of keeping all the assets to which you are legally entitled, while ensuring a fair and equitable division of your property.

A Nassau County Divorce Attorney Who Knows New York

As a native New Yorker, Douglas Kepanis is no stranger to the nuances of the city, providing invaluable insight into the Nassau County divorce process. Douglas has also spent time in Washington D.C. and Southern California, providing him with additional perspective. As a result, Douglas is a Nassau County divorce lawyer who possesses the skill and savvy necessary to attain successful results for his clients. Living in New York also provides Douglas with a thorough understanding of the need for tenacity when defending his clients’ rights during divorce proceedings.

Contact the Team of Accomplished Nassau County Divorce Lawyers for an Initial Consultation

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Lawyer (nassau Co.)??

Anybody know a good Divorce Lawyer in Nassau County, NY? Some quick details: Married less than a year. Marrital assets total less than $25,000. So, I'm looking for a lawyer that's relatively cheap, but any reccomendations would be greatly appreciated. (all I need is a name - I can look-up the rest) Thanks.

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