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Searching for Cheap Divorce Lawyers in Jacksonville, Florida  May 5, 2013 – 05:37 am
Kristin Kline is an experienced and affordable family law attorney

When studying my web analytics I frequently see the term “cheap divorce lawyer” being input in search engines by people living in the Jacksonville, Florida area. Jacksonville is a fairly typical American city, so I suspect the search term is common in other areas of the country as well.

Why is the term “cheap” and “lawyer” searched so often? Are people cheap? The simple answer would be yes, but if you dig a little deeper you will get the complete picture.

Statistics aside, America is still in a recession nearly four years after the financial collapse of 2008. Jobs are still scarce. Employers have learned to do more with less people.

In addition to the macro-economic environment that is causing uncertainty, divorce is an expensive proposition. Even in affluent households, the prospect of creating two independent households with a reasonable standard of living with the same income source is a daunting prospect.

The factors listed above are obviously enough to cause a person to search for an “affordable divorce attorney”, but I am of the opinion that the reason is usually deeper than economic conditions alone. The reason has more to do with uncertainty surrounding the divorce process and what is a fair price related to the services a lawyer provides.

Since I am familiar with the legal process, I personally know what fair billing for legal services looks like; however, when it comes to something like auto repair, I’m in the dark. When I take my car to the shop, I’m concerned about whether the shop is honest and charges a fair price. My concerned is rooted in the fact I only have a vague notion of what needs to be done to my car. I have no way of knowing whether the repair shop is billing me for something I do not need.

Legal services are a lot like auto repair, it tough to know if you are receiving good value. A trusted lawyer is a lot like a trusted mechanic. You usually feel good about the service you receive from both.

Here are some things to consider when looking for an affordable divorce lawyer:

1) What does the lawyer’s overhead look like when you walk in the office?

2) Does the lawyer leverage technology effectively? An entire article could be written about this topic. The reason I repeatedly bring up technology on my blog, website and videos is the use of technology can literally save law offices tens of thousands a year on operational expense, all while delivering a higher quality product. The smart practioner will pass these savings on to his or her clients.

Here is an example: Storing paper legal files is expensive. A lawyer must pay for the square footage to house the files, pay a file clerk to organize the files and take time to find documents in cabinets. With a paperless office, everything is stored digitally in a secure cloud based storage area. When a lawyer needs to review a document or a client needs his or her file, everything is a click away.

3) How long has the lawyer been practicing? While there is no bright line correlation between experience and efficiency, generally speaking, more experienced lawyers will get things done more efficiently, because they have been through the process repeatedly.

If you have questions about cheap divorce and live in the Jacksonville, Clay County or St. Johns County, contact attorney Chris Taylor to schedule a free consultation. Chris is happy to sit down with you and discuss your case. Please contact The Taylor Law Office at 904.339.LAW8 (5298), via e-mail at, or through this website at CONTACT A JACKSONVILLE DIVORCE LAWYER.


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Family law referral needed

Does anyone in Sacramento know of a free/cheap Family law attorney? I'd prefer something pro bono, if not very inexpensive. I'm kind of strapped for cash at the moment.
Is that a dirty word for lawyers lol, or is there such a Place to help someone who doesn't know where to look?
I would truly appreciate any words of wisdom. I've tried
the Sac County Bar Assoc but they do not provide pro bono referrals and they charge 30.00 for other referrals.
Thanks to anyone who can tell me or suggest a way to get assistance.
I am in the middle of a custody dispute.
Thanks in advance

There is really

No such thing as a cheap family law attorney. However, there are other alternatives that you can think about pursuing.
For one, you can do the paperwork yourself. You can find a notice of motion online at - go to the self help part and follow instructions.
Furthermore, your court website may be able to help you with forms as well.
Third, you may wish to hire a paralegal to assist you. Someone that has EXPERIENCE in family law that has been doing it for more than 2 years. They can assist you with paperwork and get everything in order for you - just can't represent you in court

Finding a lawyer.

He's going to be looking a family lawyer to handle the stuff with the child. he may also want to find a criminal defense lawyer with background in sex offender registration to discuss how that's going to affect his life.
As for finding a lawyer, it may be tough for you to do that for him. Most will probably be uncomfortable discussing his case with a third party. It may need to be something he does on his own once he's released. He should call the county bar association and ask for a referral to a family law attorney. An initial consultation will be pretty cheap. he can repeat the process several times until he finds an attorney he likes and is comfortable with.

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