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Want to get divorced and have an uncontested divorce case –, providing legal divorce services throughout Florida.

Getting divorced and want a low cost divorce lawyer? For an affordable divorce (some would say cheap divorce) hire, the Florida divorce law firm providing family law services in Orlando, FL, Jacksonville, FL and all other Florida cities. Want to know how to get a divorce online? Call the flat fee divorce Florida law firm, if you want to get a divorce.

Divorce Lawyer for Getting Divorced, Annulments, Prenuptials, Postnuptials, Divorces Without Children, Divorces With Children, and More

Divorce Deli is a Divorce Lawyer Online law firm. Our main offerings include: Child Support Services, child support modification and Child Custody issues including legal and physical custody.

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Divorce and immigration

I'm irish and married an american 18months ago. she now wants a divorce saying I could not provide for her financially. She is 40yrs old and not a penny to her name even after taking all mine. I have to get papers signed quickly for the divorce to be finalised by next april and the immigration is another problem. anyone know any cheap divorce lawyers in the burlingame area. There is no property or children involved and no arguement or anything to be split up. Also, anyone know relly good immigration lawyers??

I need a free divorce. How? Or at least cheap.

Hi everyone. I'm in a bad situation. My "fiance" is legally separated from his wife, but still married. "The papers are in the mail". My fiance and I are so tight with money, that lawyers, etc. are out of the question. His wife is supposed to take care of it, but I think she is just causing trouble instead, trying to hold it off for as long as she can.
Please help me!! How can he get a quick, speedy, free or verrrry cheap divorce? They have been separated and not living together for over three years now. They have 2 children. Ages 3 and 5.
Anyone know?

Help Please ~ Divorce/Child Custody Lawyer help

My husband's father is in need of some help.
He needs to know if anybody could recommend some Good/Excellent cheap or very reasonable lawyers for divorce and/or Child Custody.
They would need to be located in Arizona and preferably close to or located in Apache Junction or East Mesa.
If anybody can help, we would be forever greatful.
Thank you.

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