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Where can i find a pro bono family law lawyer in greensboro north carolina?  May 11, 2015 – 02:06 am
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The answer by one of the other contributors was way out of line. There are plenty of people that just simply can not afford the high cost of lawyers, who are quite capable of providing for their family.. In your case, generally, I would suggest this WebSite in order to get some legal assistance, though ironically, if you make "too much" money you may not qualify for it. More specifically, and though I am not personally an attorney, I do have other even better alternatives, which you would need to contact me directly in order to get that information. You may contact me at either or call my VoiceMail at (636) 334-3069 and I will call you back..

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John C. Venezia, CLU, ChFC, CITRMS


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I have a half filed case in the city. I stopped because I had a lawyer who did not secure my money while claiming he can do my case .The x lives in FL. He left me in 95 .He married someone without divorcing me. I was told we were divorced. Ignorant as I am I waited for a decree but when husband #2 came into the picture the notary who married us said it isn't important to prove I am divorced she took me on my word. I thought I was divorced. He since then ,husband # 1 has a child and divided his property between him and his fake second wife. I am told to walk away from this and start new because I wont get alimony

Seeking Pro Bono for Divorce

I was told to report this today . In 1993 I got married in N.C. we moved to FL soon after. Then in 1995 my husband told me he was having an affair with a woman every day at lunch. He then left me and told me that he moved to N.C. with his parents.I waited for a divorce decree but never got one in the mail.I called his parents and got the run around they refused letting me talk to him.Time had gone by and I did re-marry. Later through discovery,looking at clerk records online documents my husband signed for a builder in 1999.Then a document with a womans name after the home was built.I assumed a relative

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