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At Emerson Law, we believe that access to legal counsel is vital to the pursuit of justice. There are several pro bono and legal aid programs in Indianapolis. JR Emerson and Emerson Law LLC recognize the responsibility of attorneys to provide legal services free or at a reduced rate, which is why Emerson Law LLC is an active participant in the Indianapolis Bar Association’s Modest Means program. Member of the Indianapolis Bar Association’s Modest Means program represent clients at significantly reduced rates.

To learn more about the Modest Means program, contact the Indianapolis Bar Association directly at (317) 269-2000.

Indianapolis Pro Bono and Legal Aid Groups

If you are below or near the national poverty level, there are several organizations providing free legal aid in the greater Indianapolis area. To learn if you qualify for one of these programs please contact them directly to apply.

Legal Aid Divorce at Emerson Law

But JR Emerson and Emerson Law have gone even farther. In addition to Emerson Law participating in the Indianapolis Bar Association’s Modest Means program, JR Emerson created his own income based program as well.

Income Based Representation

If you earn do not qualify for free representation from one of the groups listed above and cannot afford an attorney’s regular rate, you may qualify for Emerson Law’s income based representation. Why offer this program? Attorney JR Emerson and Emerson Law LLC, believes that no one should be left without legal representation simply because they don’t make enough money.

To help, JR Emerson initiated Emerson Law’s income based representation program to assist you. This program provides legal assistance at significantly lower costs.

Application Process

If you would like to apply for our income based representation rates, please contact us at (317) 721-5297 to schedule a personal meeting. We require that you bring with you your:

  • last three (3) pay stubs or
  • two (2) months bank statements.

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Second Opinion Divorce Pro Bono?

I have a half filed case in the city. I stopped because I had a lawyer who did not secure my money while claiming he can do my case .The x lives in FL. He left me in 95 .He married someone without divorcing me. I was told we were divorced. Ignorant as I am I waited for a decree but when husband #2 came into the picture the notary who married us said it isn't important to prove I am divorced she took me on my word. I thought I was divorced. He since then ,husband # 1 has a child and divided his property between him and his fake second wife. I am told to walk away from this and start new because I wont get alimony

Seeking Pro Bono for Divorce

I was told to report this today . In 1993 I got married in N.C. we moved to FL soon after. Then in 1995 my husband told me he was having an affair with a woman every day at lunch. He then left me and told me that he moved to N.C. with his parents.I waited for a divorce decree but never got one in the mail.I called his parents and got the run around they refused letting me talk to him.Time had gone by and I did re-marry. Later through discovery,looking at clerk records online documents my husband signed for a builder in 1999.Then a document with a womans name after the home was built.I assumed a relative

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