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Divorce Lawyers NJ, Child Custody Lawyers Bergen County  April 10, 2015 – 11:29 pm

Family law encompasses many subcategories and situations involving families:

  • dissolution of marriage
  • support for spouses and children
  • domestic violence
  • custody and visitation issues
  • adoption
  • modification of divorce judgments
  • enforcement of judgments or voluntary agreements
  • distribution of property and debts
  • even, occasionally, bankruptcy

In most instances, there are intense emotions on both sides, which complicate the legal and financial issues.

New Jersey Divorce Lawyer Gina Calogero has been providing compassionate, professional advice to clients in family law since 1987. In 2005, she was recognized by the Bergen County Board of Freeholders for 10 years of volunteer service to the Bergen County Domestic Violence Legal Advocacy Program, providing pro bono representation to victims of domestic violence who cannot afford an attorney. This award distinguishes her as one of the more attentive family law attorneys in Bergen County. She is the recipient of the 2012 Humanitarian Achievement Award from the Peter W. Rodino Jr. Societ of Seton Hall Law School.

Gina understands that a client who is going through a divorce needs more than just competent legal advice – an empathetic ear can help the client cope with the turmoil of the situation and put things in perspective. There is life after divorce. Having an experienced New Jersey divorce lawyer who understands those needs can make the experience more bearable for the client and the client’s family.

While empathy is important in a New Jersey divorce lawyer when facing a divorce, experience is even more important. If you look at it dispassionately, you are dismantling a financial partnership, and there are many legal considerations to doing so that only an experienced divorce lawyer will be familiar with. Insurance, pensions, property values and many other factors besides income must be taken into consideration. Many divorce issues are actually more complex than you would think they would be, particularly if you or your spouse owns a business.

If there are children involved in your divorce, there is all the more reason to see an attorney who can help you sort out custody issues without a costly and lengthy court battle. A mediated settlement is almost always the best form of settlement for determining the best arrangements for custody for your child. In the event that court is necessary, you can trust that you will have experience and extensive legal knowledge on your side if you hire our firm. We help you do what is best for your pocketbook and your child, since more money in your hands ultimately means more money for the child.

We are also experienced in handling adoptions and can draw up all of the necessary paperwork for what can be a very exciting time in your lives, as long as the legal work is handled by us rather than you. Adoption paperwork can be legally tricky and intricate and as such is best handled by a law firm.

For more information, a glossary of terms, and list of “Frequently Asked Questions”, refer to the RESOURCES section of our website.


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Lawyers won't do divorce work pro bono

If you are in an abusive situation you could contact the DV agency in your county and get help. It may be that you would qualify for legal aid if you are poor.
If there are no childen and if there is agreement over division of property you could do it yourself. Google divorce in your county.
Doing it yourself will take a bit of work but will save you money.
Lawyers don't work for free any more than mechanics or doctors.

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