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Note: While we strongly believe in the added flexibility of a collaborate divorce, at the present time we do not offer these services. We recommend hiring a firm that focuses more than 50% of their practice in this area.

What is a collaborative divorce?

A collaborate divorce is a process where both parties and attorney(s) agree to resolve their case without involving the court. Using this process both parties avoid expensive and unnecessary lengthy proceeding. This process requires that both parties disclose and exchange all information required to make fair and sensible decisions.

How to start a collaborative divorce?

Individuals interested in a collaborative divorce must first discuss this option with the spouse to determine if this is a feasible option for both parties. Once both parties are in agreement, a collaborative divorce lawyer should be consulted. It is important to take time during the initial consultation to discuss the priorities and goals of each party.

What does the first meeting consist of?

  1. Sign the agreementss and authorizations
  2. Discuss expectations of conduct
  3. Discuss the stages
  4. Discuss court filings
  5. Make a plan for gathering information
  6. Discuss current concerns
  7. Schedule future meetings

What happens if an agreement cannot be reached?

If an agreement cannot be reached, the collaborate attorney must withdraw and both parties will have to seek new attorneys to represent them in preparation for trial.

Benefits of a collaborative divorce:

  • Less stress - By using this method of divorce, both parties are willing to resolve issues outside of court.
  • Less expensive - The process is less expensive because there is no finanical incentive for the attorney to go forward with contested issues.
  • Better communication between the parties
  • No threats of litigation
  • Professionals committed to settlement

Source: www.ramosfamilylaw.com

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Need help finding a pro bono divorce lawyer

I just moved to Maine from IL, and have been unemployed since January. My ex and I have been seperated for close to 4 years, and I need to get this divorce done! He is ruining my credit badly, and I can't afford to hire a lawyer at the moment.
Does anyone have any contact info for a good lawyer that might work with me pro bono? I am in desperate need!
Thank you so much!!

Help with pro bono divorce lawyer

Hello, I am a fulltime father of two girls (full custody and gardianship) I have had an uphill battle before the courts representing myself as a voice for the children of our marriage, I have tried to divorce the other party, however like everything else this has been contested, the date of seperation was contested, I do believe to be to duck taxes. Anyways somehow the mother has retained a lawyer to proceed with divorce and I am looking for any help I can in this matter, so if you know someone that may help represent a very tired of court father, please let me know. Thank You for any consideration in this matter

Divorce Help or Pro Bono

I reside in FL and I must say that the system here is really slow. I need help with reviewing my divorce papers. I've already submitted him to child support services.....it's been almost 2 years and nothing. I've tried legal aid and they say I don't qualify as I wasn't in an abusive marriage. Go figure that's a requirement.
I would need a lawyer who needs to do their required pro-bono hours. Or I would just need a recent law graduate to review it and make sure that I have protected myself and kids. This man says he doesn't have money but I have proof otherwise and he is making my life a living hell.

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