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Las Vegas Divorce Lawyers | Cordell & Cordell  October 23, 2013 – 15:43

If you are facing a divorce, possibly one you did not want, Cordell & Cordell’s Las Vegas divorce lawyers are here to help you sort through the legal process, establish divorce and custody goals and be a partner you can count on.

Cordell & Cordell’s Las Vegas divorce attorneys have a comprehensive understanding of Nevada divorce laws. Our lawyers focus entirely on men’s divorce issues, including Nevada child custody laws, Nevada alimony laws and child support in Nevada.

When you retain a Cordell & Cordell Las Vegas divorce attorney, we will work with you by providing top-notch client care, up-to-date notes on your case, an online child custody tool, and the best service possible.

To schedule an appointment with a Las Vegas divorce lawyer, please call 702-712-4800 or 1-866-DADS-LAW.

Parking is available in an underground parking garage to the left of the round-about in the shopping center. Park on level P1 and find the entrance marked “Rotunda Building.” Cordell & Cordell’s office is located in the Rotunda Building #410 on the third floor, to the left of the elevators in Suite 390.

Frequently Asked Las Vegas Divorce Questions

How long do I have to live in Las Vegas before I can file for divorce?

Any person may file a complaint for Divorce in the District Court as long as they satisfy Nevada’s “durational residency requirement.” Pursuant to Nevada law, a person must be continually present within the jurisdiction of Nevada for six weeks prior to filing a complaint for divorce.

Is there a mandatory waiting period in Las Vegas before a divorce can be granted?

Nevada does not require any “waiting period” to file for divorce other than the durational residency requirement discussed above.

How can I serve my spouse in Las Vegas? If attempts to serve do not work, can I serve by publication?

Pursuant to Nevada’s rules of civil procedure, service of the summons and complaint must be accomplished by “personal service.” For personal service to be satisfactory, Nevada requires a neutral non-party personally give a copy to the opposing party/litigant and file an affidavit of service with the District Court Clerk’s office.

In the instance, personal service cannot be accomplished, a Complainant may seek relief from the District Court and obtain an order to publish service in a publication of general circulation for a period of five consecutive weeks.

The appropriate publication of general circulation is the Nevada Legal News.

Where do I file for divorce in Las Vegas?

The appropriate courthouse is the Eighth Judicial District Court – Family Division, located at the Family Court and Services Center, 601 N. Pecos, Las Vegas, NV, 89155.

How much are divorce filing fees in Las Vegas?

Filing fees at Family Court have risen over time. As of March 2012, the filing fee is $289 for dissolution of marriage action.

Are there any Las Vegas-Specific laws that are different from how other family law cases around the state are handled?


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