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Divorce is one aspect of family law where almost everyone needs a family law attorney. Very few people ever “want” a divorce, although that’s often what is said by one spouse to the other. Circumstances may make a person feel they have little choice but to obtain a divorce if they want to change their life or the lives of their children for the better. Consultation with a Sacramento Divorce Lawyer can help you decide whether or not divorce is the best decision for your family.

Divorce affects over half of American families, and the statistic may be higher if you include the blended families which often exist because of a prior divorce in subsequent relationships or marriages. Divorce is a family law reality that must be faced when a relationship is no longer sustainable due to conflicts of personalities, financial problems, marital fidelity issues, health and/or substance abuse problems, or value differences between parents where children are concerned.

Sacramento Divorce Attorney No-Fault Divorce

Until approximately thirty years ago, a spouse had to prove grounds for divorce, or “fault.” Fault grounds in divorce cases were normally adultery, cruel treatment, or abandonment. A significant amount of fraud occurred when two people just wanted a divorce, but couldn’t obtain one unless they lied about a fictitious affair or other circumstance, that legislatures around the country, including California, passed “no-fault” divorce statutes. Essentially, if you ask for a divorce, you will eventually get one. The petitioner (person who files) must only plead that there is a conflict of personalities that destroys the legitimate ends of the marriage relationship in order to obtain a divorce. Your spouse cannot stop you from getting a divorce, but if there are children, or there is significant marital property, long and costly disputes can slow down the process.

Divorce Planning

Although many couples separate today long before they file for divorce, they may reside together when the decision is made, and they may need to plan before one spouse has the resources to set up separate housekeeping, which could nearly double living expenses. This need is even more important when children are involved, as the one parent’s new residence could affect the school district the children attend (or force the parents to incur tuition), carpools, daycare, and medical care needs of the children. This type of planning with your family law attorney is a key element of divorce strategy, and possibly a safety issue in certain divorces.


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If Philadelphia is a community property state

You automatically have part ownership of the house (unless he owned it *before* you got together).
To do an eviction you should skip the business license etc. and just get on the horn to your hubby and get a power of attorney if your state is NOT a 'community property' state and/or if your hubby owned the place before you got together.
Next, look in the yellow pages under 'Attorney' --...ecialty in the big 'Attorney' section (family law, criminal defense, etc) -- go alphabetically in the big 'Attorney' section until you come across the 'Eviction' specialty, and call 3 eviction attorneys and go with the attorney who is most affordable and friendly


I am married to a family Law Attorney that works for Baltimore Department of Social Services.
He has seen and went to trial for both horrendousness and unimaginable cases of child abuse cases.
However, he filed for a PFA as of Sept 18th, stating that I was hitting, kicking and screaming profanity to both him and our 2 year old son.. The police showed up while I was making dinner and I was literally left out in the rain without any belongings.
My husband is declaring both child abuse and physical abuse to him and our 2 year old son for the past two years. This is apparently grounds for a PFA

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