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You and your spouse may wish to divorce and may also already agree on the details. The uncontested Nevada divorce process can save you a great deal of money, time, and aggravation. It is important, however, that your uncontested divorce be handled correctly so that you don't have to go back to Court later to fix a mistake.

The Zernich Law Office will help you with your uncontested divorce. We provide cost-effective advice to people seeking an uncontested divorce in the Las Vegas, Nevada, area. We can make sure that potential unforeseen problems are recognized and taken care of before they happen. This will save you from having to "pay later" by ensuring that your divorce is handled correctly the first time.

Contact our office by telephone at 702.616.9838 to arrange for a confidential consultation with Gary Zernich, Esq. of the Zernich Law Office. Our firm handles uncontested divorces quickly for a reasonable fee.

Nevada Uncontested Divorce Attorneys

In order to file an uncontested divorce, you and your spouse must agree on all of the details. These details include child custody, division of property, and whether a spouse will pay spousal support. If you do not agree on these details, then you will have to file for a contested divorce. The process in an uncontested divorce is relatively quick and easy. The couple lists their assets and other parts of their agreement in a Joint Petition for divorce. One of the benefits of filing an uncontested Nevada divorce is that one law firm can represent both parties, thus saving on attorney's fees. The Decree of Divorce, which is your final divorce order, is then filed and the divorce is finalized at that time. This entire process can typically be completed within a few weeks. Occasionally, a judge will ask for a short hearing, known as a "prove up" hearing, to make sure that both parties understand the terms on which they are agreeing. Prove up hearings are typically quick and can be easily handled by a a Las Vegas family law lawyer.

Many people think that they can take care of an uncontested divorce on their own, but they do not know what they are getting themselves into. Do-it-yourself forms have their uses, but many people do not understand what they are filling out. Making a mistake during an uncontested divorce can cost both of you money down the road. An attorney can catch and recognize unforeseen circumstances and help protect cases from becoming costly.

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Legal Question----any Texas lawyers online??

This is a case in Texas--Jefferson County. My x took me back for a modification of original divorce decree and I agreed and we settled outside of courtroom. Short time later she took me back saying she didn't understand what she was signing?? Anyways the judge let the modification stay as it was and would not change it. Now she is taking me back again to change it. Someone told me you have to wait at least 3 years before you can file a motion to modify after one has already taken place. Can someone clarify? Thanks

Better for what?

Where have you lived during your 11 year marriage? Marital property rights will depend largely on that. Iowa is not a community property state, Texas is. As far as child support, you could probably find each state's child support schedules online, which should tell you what the "norm" is for each of those states; same comment regarding alimony.
I doubt you'll find a boat load of lawyers that know both Iowa and Texas divorce law that can give you very specific answers.
I know of no enforcible "stay away" provision regarding the will.

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