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Fort Collins Personal Injury Lawyer  May 23, 2015 – 02:55 am
State Bar of Texas Blog : October 2009

Ever since Fort Collins Personal Injury Lawyer Steve Ray left his family’s farm and ranch in Nebraska, he has worked in a vast variety of law positions. He has acquiring a unique range of knowledge and expertise in his field, including: Marine Corps judge advocate and court-martial judge, insurance defense attorney, water law and litigation, banking and business litigation and predominantly, plaintiff’s personal injury attorney representing the injured.

Steve Ray began his attorney career as a judge advocate in the Marine Corps. Upon leaving the regular Marines, Steve joined the largest personal injury law firm in Northern Colorado, and now practices as a sole practitioner. Because of his experience, Steve offers his clients a rare perspective of all possible angles of their cases. This allows for a deeper understanding of the legal processes they are facing.

Steve is a community-oriented family man who is married and has three adult children. He has been dedicated to the Fort Collins community for many years, and has been involved in several professional and civic associations which include: Front Range Community College, Crossroads Safehouse, Fort Collins Airport Authority, and Hearts and Horses in Loveland. Being passionate about military veterans, Steve is also the chair of the Larimer County Bar Association committee for pro-bono legal assistance and personal injury advice for veterans.


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Lawyers won't do divorce work pro bono

If you are in an abusive situation you could contact the DV agency in your county and get help. It may be that you would qualify for legal aid if you are poor.
If there are no childen and if there is agreement over division of property you could do it yourself. Google divorce in your county.
Doing it yourself will take a bit of work but will save you money.
Lawyers don't work for free any more than mechanics or doctors.

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