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Legal situations that affect families are often the most difficult to settle. Couples experiencing the strains of a divorce and parents trying to obtain custody of their children aren’t just working out monetary issues; they’re fighting for their emotional rights. They want to retain a sense of normalcy in the midst of an overwhelming change and sometimes it can be hard for them to compromise and discuss their legal options rationally. The Cowan Law Firm is committed to helping families solve their legal battles as quickly and peacefully as possible.

Attorney Rob Cowan handles pre-suit mediation for divorcing couples, individuals with legitimation claims, parents with child custody disputes, and individuals/couples going through the adoption process. Over the last 15 years, he has been able to help hundreds of families settle their disputes amicably and keep important decisions concerning child custody out of a judge’s hands.

If a dispute or claim cannot be settled through mediation, however, Cowan will represent couples and individuals in court. He has helped ensure that individuals filing for divorce maintain the properties and assets that are rightfully theirs. Whenever children are involved, he helps parents establish a parenting plan and determine child custody rights that make the most sense for the children.

Cowan also provides legal representation for women involved in domestic disputes. He has advocated for victims of domestic violence and seeks solutions that will provide a peaceful end to the unfair and damaging circumstances they face.

If you are in need of a family law attorney and would like to schedule a free consultation with the Cowan Law Firm, please don’t hesitate to call 706-278-2099 right away. The firm’s office, located in Dalton, Georgia, is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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I had to post this so everyone could read it here, instead of going to the site.
A City Losing Its Children
* San Francisco's population is growing, but the portion under 18 is shrinking as housing costs push families out.
By MARIA L. LA GANGA, Times Staff Writer
SAN FRANCISCO--The first Gold Rush to shape this region of rolling hills and sparkling water was peopled by a rugged breed of fortune hunters--mostly young, mostly single, mostly male. San Francisco in 1849 was a playground for the hale and hearty, no place for families.

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